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Committee formed to probe causes of suicides in Chitral — 8 Comments

  1. Wise decision by KP government highly appreciated. First time a proper committee is constituted to probe into the matter and to find the root causes of ongoing suicide trend by professional experts. In my eyes awareness vis-a-vis social and emotional intelligence needs to be incorporated and disseminated in educational institutes.

  2. what ever result, it seems that suicide is a big issue for Chitral and there must be some steps to stop it. It is sad to see how pessimism is taking its toll on our youth as I am sure that we are becoming a hopeless lots for unknown reasons.

  3. This is just a cosmetic step and lacks substance. These four men will put their heads together and come up with recommendations on the basis of some information gathered from local people for the government and after that the red tapped file will start gathering dust in the table of some bureaucrat. It is strange that in order to know and check a highly complicated social issue, no representation has been given to any local expert to properly understand the root causes.
    I am unable to understand what steps the government can or will take to stop a person from killing themselves unless society as a whole inculcate among its members, especially the younger ones, how to live a life if not a happy life and meet challenges instead of surrendering to them by killing oneself.

  4. Looking forward to have fully justified and action oriented report. Not like the half backed ones we have had before from other sources.

  5. Initiative is good but the members should be professional psychiatrists and psychologists rather than management officials because it is not a management issue.

  6. Root cause should be identified as only depression is not a cause of suicides happening in chitral. Proper counselling of students and parents at school and community level can help out. Research and interventions is also needed

  7. Hope task group comes up with public health community based interventions to be instituted in schools, colleges and at community level. Many countries have shown that pshychotherapy alone is not a solution as clinical depression is not the only cause. Let us all work together to increase par
    ents, teachers bond with todays youth.

  8. This is great initiative by Govt, the trend of sucide is rising day by day in Chitral. Hope to get some practical recommendations from the committee.