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Gul Nawaz Khan Khaki: an obituary — 3 Comments

  1. It is unbelievable to hear that the father of Khowar language passed away when he was extremely needful as our new generation gradually forgetting the sweet norms and values of our language and culture. We pray that the soul of our great patron of Khowar language rest in peace, Ameen.

  2. I am deeply shocked to read the sad news of the demise of Gul Nawaz Khaki. He was an icon of Khowar language and literature. May Almighty Allah bless the soul with His mercy in the life hereafter and bestow patience on the aggrieved family. I last met him on October 27 just before my departure for Thailand. On coming back from Peshawar, he was feeling well. Return to the eternity from this sojourn is ultimate destination of every soul.

    Dr Inayatullah Faizi,
    Bangkok, Thailand

  3. We are deeply shocked to read this bad news. It was previous November when Khaki sab, Faizi sab, Shahzad sab, Ubaid sab, Razi sab, Mumtaz sab and Nigah sab were here in Peshawar and were preparing syllabus for Khowar. They were staying at New Mehran Hotel in Peshawar Saddar and every evening we used to go there to meet them.
    They used to debate different topics of syllabus and we used to listen to them carefully as these were very informative and useful for us. Then on late nights they started “Sitar majlis”, daily and sang old Khowar songs. Now when we read this sad news, we are deeply shocked. (Khakis was an artist, a poet, an author and such people never die, he may have passed away in reality but he will always stay alive in our hearts!)

    Manzoor Haidar,
    University of Peshawar