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Kalasha culture: Is media reporting the right way? — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Alyas, thanks for the comment. Yes it is really an important issue and we should come up with sold evidence to discourage such things, that is what I had tried my report. Hopefully, it would also be published in the national media too. Thanks for your support.


  2. its really something good that a very critical issue has been raised by the author. It is also a fact that sometimes, we should also take up such issues with the newspapers or TV channels concerned and authors because it is portraying a very bad image of not only the Kalasha community but in general the whole Chitral also. I remember in a drama presented on one of the private channels some time back, there were some scenes that were too much offending in my point of view for the community and what I think it is not only the problem for Kalasha community but Pakistani media reporting is questionable in so many times and for so many events.