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Joint team comes up with measures to maintain communal harmony in Chitral — 3 Comments

  1. Highly appreciated drive, congratulation for the decision. Shamil’s suggestions carry weight.

  2. JIT’s report is a prudent one and is in complete accordance with the Law of the Land. However, here i would like to suggest the district establishment, concerned stakeholders and the nascent “council for inter-faith Harmony” That they should give general awareness to the public about blesphemy, defamation ordinance 2000 (slander, Libel) National action plan, cyber crime, etc,etc through Masajid, Jamat khanas, Schools, colleges,seminars and other forum. after all it is the responsibility of a welfare state to educate its people before implementing its law. they must prepare a plan of action for imparting this awareness throughout the nook and corner of chitral.
    A special training on the above aspect can be arranged for sermon givers in mosques, Ismaili Waizeens and institutions, representatives of schools/colleges and other relevant stakeholders so that they can in turn disseminate the acquired awareness to the general populace. Otherwise, little is know to even some leaders as to what constitute a slander, a libel and even for that matter a blasphemy. if imparting such awareness is taken seriously by relevant authorities with utmost sincerity and enthusiasm, than only we can inhibit future law and order situation in chitral, otherwise, history will repeat itself in no time. Chiteral is little place many issues can be resolved with wise and calculated steps.
    Ismaili Council, Ismaili Conciliation and Arbitration Board, ismaili Tariqa and Religious Education Board are very relevant authorities in this connection. The leadership of these institution must mobilise their resources to reach to Ismaili Youth/masses and help district govt in this connection. various Sunni institution must also fully utilise the pulpit during special occasions and Jumma gathering to highlight the above aspects to educate the masses.
    zara Num Ho to ye miti bohot zarkhaiz hai saqi.. is zarkhaiz miti ko numi district establishment ke taraf say muhaya ke jasakti hai..otherwise, JIT, harmony council ke kawishain, “Nishastand, Guftand, barkhastand” tak he mehdood hongay or mustaqbil may sensitivities develop honay say chitrali muashira nehi bach sakta.

  3. We appreciate and expressing our deep happiness over the an excellent and acceptable outcome of this JIT.The DPO Mohtaram Mansoor Aman,District Nazim’ Ulama-e Karam Representatives of Ismaili Imamat Institution,Mohtaram MPA Sardar Hussain and all others who put their efforts to resolve this vary sensitive issue in a peaceful and harmonious way are really heroes of Chitrali people.our deepest Salam appreciation and Shahbash to evary individuals in this committee. Chitral and evary single Chitrali is recognized due to peace and respect each other in the Valley. We need peace, harmony and brotherhood to resolve our worldly problems and issues and this is our Chitrali recognition.