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Jirga forms committee to resolve decades-old dispute over pasture — 1 Comment

  1. This case is an eye opener not only for the people of Jugoor but also other areas of Chitral.
    The Gujjar tribe has now extended its activities to all parts of Chitral and is destroying the fauna and flora of the valley. Even they have encroached into upper Chitral’s small villages where they graze the area’s cattle along with their own herds of animals. In many cases, they are accused of slaughtering villagers’ cattle and eating them stealthily. In many villages, their members were caught red-handed for theft. These people are alien to our culture and are polluting our traditions. The people in every village of Chitral should form their own committees for the preservation of their environment and protection of their culture and traditions. They should not allow outsiders to settle in the village in the first place otherwise they will run into cases and controversies like the people of Jugoor.
    I can’t understand why the area people did not evict the Gujjars before entering into a prolonged useless litigation. The committee should give priority to the right of the locals on their resources and should ask the Gujjars to dispose of their cattle and give a peace of mind to the Chitralis.

    Muhammad Khan,