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India-Pakistan on the horn of a dilemma — 1 Comment

  1. Mr. Modi has a history of manipulating elections through violence starting from Gujrat. This election year in India has made him realize that little he do to progress the country in his tenure; the only way he could think of getting sympathy votes, is by once again creating a chaos situation in the country fuelled by a huge media propaganda against Pakistan. The ongoing war mongering by Indian PM and his crony Chief of Army Staff is merely an election centric tactic which will eventually fail-hopefully. It would be total madness if India attacks Pakistan knowing the fact that we now have 144 or more nukes. We have one of the most advanced missile systems needed for a modern day warfare. We have Shaheens, We have Hatf, We have the intercontinental Ghouri; and now we are hearing about ABABEEL which even the radar cannot spot. The interesting thing in all this is that all these missiles can carry nukes. This means all major Indian cities will be within easy range. Can India take such a huge risk by attacking Pakistan even after knowing all this? I don’t think so. Apart from that the morale of the nation is high, we are all united should India attacks Pakistan,; it will not only be facing the armed forces; the whole nation will come out to defend the motherland. However, it is my wish and thousands of others’ too that peace prevails.

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