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How much assets Chitrali lawmakers own? — 1 Comment

  1. Good to see Mr Saleem for at least acquiring wealth amounting to Rs15.01 million, not bad? This is just a peanut as he has much more because he has acquired a huge chunk of plot in Islamabad and busy in turning it into a proper housing society.
    We would appreciate if he could tell us something about the housing society? No problem, if you do not want to share the details with us as it is quite difficult for because you are reportedly running the society in the name of someone else. Anyway, the truth will come out!

    As long as Ghulam Mohammad is concerned, his wealth as shown by the ECP is also a peanut, How can we believe that he has not got any account in other cities or even in Booni, which is his hometown, and Rs199 deposit at a bank in Chitral reflects that his asset decalartion is a white lie.