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Govt destroying Golen Gol powerhouse: protesters — 2 Comments

  1. Where is the Power Committee.

    Not long ago we had a power committee comprising of three gentlemen who always shouted their voice hoarse about power shortage. They threatened and bullied but are very quiet now when a 108 megawats power house produces only 4 megawats of electricity. Its seems that the Power Committee was only there for NGOs who are easy to bully and cannot talk to WAPDA. Its time the members of the Power Committee wake up and start talking to WAPDA. But there is little likelihood of that because the Power Committee its seems was the representative of a power group and the power group is now out of power!!!

  2. It can only happen in Pakistan (particularly in Chtral) that a 108 mw power station is producing only 6 mw electricity and the govt is sitting happy over it.

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