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PK-89: Give me a chance, says prince Aman — 3 Comments

  1. Shahzada Sahib! Your cousin or whatever Mr. Shahzada Mohiuddin enjoyed a lot and paved the way for his beloved sons. There is a beautiful Khowar proverb that “Adina e ki goe tan zhawo khodai kom”.Shahzadas are now busy in capturing new political parties as the APML.

  2. Yes dear Shahzada Aman, the people of Chitral must have to give you a chance to conest the election but you should have to fulfil all the promises you have made with the people.

  3. New people should be given a chance bcoz old politicians have failed and there is no one to trust on among them. Musharraf’s decision to come to Chitral was good but he fell to Pakistani system’s tricks. But I am not hopeful that any new person will become an MPA or MNA. Those old faces having ill-gotten money will win the elections as they did in 2008 when they used even bags of wheat brought by the government for subsidized supply to the masses to buy votes.