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Politicizing Tajikistan road project a diservice to Chitral — 8 Comments

  1. Mr. Islamuddin demonstrated biased approach in this piece of write-up. He tilted towards his own valley instead of looking Chitral in broader prospective. Decision on the prospective site of the road must be made on technical basis keeping in view maximum benefit to the people of Chitral in prospective of economic benefits and employment creation. People of Chitral should be thankful to PM Nawaz Sharif for his interest in completion of the Lawari Tunnel project and releasing funds which was throughout stopped during Zardari era and funds of Lawari Tunnel diverted to Multan. Islamudin sb should also tell truth to the people instead of distorting the facts that it was Zardari and Gillani period when work on Lawari Tunnel halted for five years and SAMBO CO, shifted its machinery from the area. It goes to the credit of PML (N) federal govt and especially PM Nawz Sharif who re-started work on the project and directed NHA to complete the project as early as possible keeping in view plight of Chitrali people. Our MNA is also active and as compare to Salim Khan, Sardar Hussain and Fozia Bibi, MNA efforts are appreciable. These armies of MPAs are doing nothing except receipts of their salaries, if MNA is working for developmental projects in Chitral being in opposition bench, then his role should be appreciated. Although PML (N) have no stake in Chitral in terms of voters or representatives but still PM Nawaz Sharif is taking keen interest in early completion of developmental projects of Chitral which is appreciable.

  2. Mr Islamuddin’s is trying to feed disinformation and deliberately misleading the people on the Chitral Garam Chashma road. We must give the devil his due. The idea of a road via Chitral to Tajikistan was definitely mooted by the Tajiks in the nineties. It also led to a survey across the border from the Dorah pass side. But it is well known that the Tajik gave up this idea when they realised that the route needed two tunnels, one each at Dorah and the other at Lowari and not one at Dorah alone as they had imagined. They had only thought until then that a tunnel at Dorah would be needed to connect Pakistan to Tajikistan. This is a story that was well known in diplomatic circles in Islamabad then. Mr Islamuddin’s fertile mind then makes General Musharaf’s decision to build a tunnel a continuation of this thought process. This is also not a fact. General Musharaf because of 9/11 found that the Pakistan financial position improved tremendously and it had the budget to build large infrastructure projects. He had a fondness for Chitral which played a part in swaying his decision to invest in it. Afterall it was in Chitral that he spent more nights than anywhere else in KP in Pakistan as President. Sometimes serendipity and luck decides these decision. Just as the decision to build the tunnel in the 70s by ZAB was taken after the coup in kabul by Daud and the talk of a kunar valley route for Chitralis by the NAP governor of the time Iskandar Khaleel, and the past history of Daud in creating border tensions in the fifties when he was the prime minister in Kabul. The last PPP government almost gave up on the tunnel and in its five years in power allocated a meagre amount for its building. Credit must go to Nawaz government for giving it a substantial funding again and for the pace of work. Similarly credit must also go to it for planning to build Chitral Garam Chasma road, Boomboret, Mastuj and Turkhow roads. These are all part of a desire to help Chitral by Nawaz Sharif. Credit must go to the MNA for pleading Chitral’s case. He has been vocal and his interpersonal skills at Islamabad and the assembly level are an asset for Chitral. Lets acknowledge the contribution of all good Chitralis for the district and not start making up stories to mislead people. Mr Islamuddin is advised to use his ability to write and think for positive purposes. Had he done so in his earlier life he would have won a place in Chitral for his intelligence and mind. But instead he has remained a bitter and negative person fast becoming a non entity in Chitral. Lets build these roads one at a time. One day we may even have a Chitral and Tajiskistan road and his wish fulfilled

  3. “waax tan welti tachir” Islam Uddin sb is telling us story of the world which used to be totally different world. Tells us story of the time of disintegration of former USSR and emergence of they then new Central Asian Muslim Republics and their need to access to warm water in Pakistan. Islam ab ground realities used to be totally different in Afghanistan at that time. There were no Talibans, no influence of India and America and situation was favorable to Pakistan. But now situation is totally reversed. why don’t you mention the the security situation and distance of the future route that will pass through Afghanistan territory? the long distance of the route through Afghan and volatile and unpredictable security situation make the route thorough Durah pass risky and less feasible.

    Islam Sb you do not need to be worried about the additional cost of the Project due to long distance of of the route through Broghal Pass, as you does not need to pay a single penny, as this is the headache of the donor agency.

  4. The construction of the proposed Pak-ajikistan transit route must be considered keeping in view the cost effectiveness geographical affinity of this mega project and not the backwardness of the Yarkhun vand Buroghul valley and vice versa.Strategically and economically Durah Pass presents the ideal position as it has also been a commercial hub beween CARs plus Afghanistan and Pakistan since time immemorial in contrast to Buroghal Pass.
    A few years back ,when baristor Masood Kawsar was the governor of KPK during the last PPP government,he expliciltly announced in Chitral that Pak-Tajikistan route will be constructed truough Dorah Pass,as its has been mentioned in many of MOUs signed between the presidents of Pakistan and Tajistan.This is apart of agreement concluded and feasible report formed before, as mentioned by Mr.Islamuddin sb.
    It would be a great shock if MNA is uncessarily trying to politicize the project only to please the people of upper Chitral.But it is a fact that such mega project will not get affected by his intrusion.He is having a feather in his cap of Nawaz Sharif announcements.He also went a mile ahead in Garamchashma where addressing the public in the open forum used a local NGO,where selcted people were invited .MNA is expected to perform his responsibility on the basis of equity and public interest.

    • You don’t worry about the cost, the govt would arrange money for the project. Saleem Khan misguided PPP government (2008-09) but now the PML-N govt is going ahead on the recommendations of NESPAK engineers who after survey of both the sites reported back that though Broghil was a bit lengthy it would be the most feasible, easy to build and safe route.
      Current situation has made it impossible to route any project through Afghanistan whether north or south bcoz of the Indian involvement in affairs of this country.
      The latest CPEC emergence has brighten future of Broghil route bcoz it would link China with Pakistan, and CA states in case of the closure of the KKH.
      People of Garam Chashma should ot be worried as the Tajikistan road would also branch off to their area as well as GB through the Shandur pass.
      And also pls do not politicize the project linking it in any way to MNA Iftikhar. It is not Kalkatak or Buzund road that can be changed on the sweet whims of a bezarar MNA.

  5. In any way Chitral can benefit from this proposed highway is, if it goes through Broghil pass. Not only most of the populace of Chitral will be covered but also, it ll be safest having huge tourism potential for the district, most easy to construct and closer to China via Gilgit Baltan. The author obviously is irked by the condition of GaramChasma road, which is located at three drive from the District Center. Just visit Broghil and Yarkhoon areas to understand the plight of people living over there. They take days to travel to the same destination but never complain. Rather than having a myopic view of having in mind one’s own village, the need of the hour is to at least have the whole of Chitral in your vision.

  6. What is narrated by Islamuddin Sb is fact that Chitral Tajikistan road via Durah Pass is the only feasible option in terms of cost, distance, maintenance etc. MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin is requested not to make this project controversial, if there is any change made in the plan then it would be deemed that it is done by MNA Sb. People from all three valleys of Garumchashma i.e. Ozhor, Arkari and Lotkoh have noticed the role of MNA sb, he should remember that people of Garumchashma have remained loyal to father for decades by giving vote every time, if he wants to give reward to the people of Garumchashms by diverting the Chitral Tajikistan road via Broghul, then people will decide to whom they should cast vote in next election of 2018.
    His current visit to Broghole with other MNAs using helicopter of AKF and assuring the public gathering to rethink about the feasibility of the route, discloses that he is not loyal with the people of Garumchashma.I hope MNA sb will not do any mistake to make this project controversial. Broghole has a strategic importance, it would be better option to contract road through NHA from Mastuj to Broghole to give benefit the residents who are living upper Mastuj area.