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FM radio station closed in Chitral — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Editor,

    I must thank Dr. Faizi for bringing up an issue which many of us in Chitral may not (or don’t want to) think as an issue. We live in an age where radio broadcast is not stopped even in war trodden areas such as Congo, Central Africa, South Sundan, let alone free and stable countries such as ours. Freedom of speech has now widely been accepted as one of the basic human rights and here we are closing down the very medium which could be utilised as a source to that.

    A few questions arise here a) Was this FM channel propagating something against the cultural values that it deemed misfit in the society? b) Should such projects be so fragile that those could be closed down by putting pressure upon them by the rulers? c) Is there an alternative available with the Federal govt to fill the gap? d) Is it again a move towards political goal scoring or it has happened at the behest of the Ministry of Communication at the Federal level? e) Is it necessary to seek help from Khakis to intervene in all or majority of the public/civil matters? f) Chitral is known to be a high flyer in the literacy rankings; if so, why hasn’t it bothered the civil society even the least? g) Have we become literally insensitive to what’s happening around us? or we are timid and fear the wrath of the govt. agencies if we raise voices against an unjustifiable move? h) Isn’t it unfair to expect the govt to always provide such facilities; why can’t any Chitrali business investor think of running an independent FM station so as to avoid issues such as this?

    These are the questions we need to ask ourselves; only by finding the honest answers we can reach at a logical conclusion. At the moment its a grey area lying there as people don’t know what is the actual reason of closure; and the rulers always like to take advantage of that. The Chitral based Radio Pakistan senior most authority must clarify the situation.


  2. PPP government, led by Benazir Bhutto, initiated the project of radio stations in different areas of Pakistan. The radio station or Chitral was also a part of that project. It has always been a malpractice in the hands of PML-N to rollback the projects initiated by PPP government. The above mentioned issue also highlights this mentality of PML-N and Punjabi chauvinism.

  3. I agree with saleem shahzad on the negligence of PML government. The people of chitral are demanding 10KW powerful transmitter for AM transmissions but the information ministry is closing the small FM transmitter in Chitral. We are compelled to listen to All India Radio and Radio Kabul. Dr. Faizi has very rightly requested the Army Officers to intervene and press the information Ministry for re-opening the Chitral Radio at this particular time.

  4. PML-N never make justice with chitrali community. Some times they make fool the community with mathimatical culculation about monies and some time jokes in urdu languge . Now closed FM-93 radio station chitral.