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JI’s Maghfirat Shah elected district nazim Chitral — 13 Comments

  1. The election of barood fame Haji Mafirat Shah is nothing but the bad luck of the people of Chitral. This man enjoyed the same slot and his performance turned out to be zero/zero when he was holding the power during Musharraf regime, a comparatively better LG system that the one put forth by the PTI. If I were the district ameer of JUI-F, I would have sent all these who betrayed the party to JI as their real face was exposed when it was time to prove their loyalty for the party. Such people whether they belong to any party, do not deserve any respect because if you do not have the courage to take pride in the party you are affiliated with for many years, you do not deserve to be called yourself a leader. Lota (turncoats) is a lota no matter whether he/she belongs to a religious or a secular political party. If you do not have the integrity, you have nothing. Here, the JUI turncoats not only spoiled the image of JUI in Chitral but also lost their credibility.

  2. Fortune favor the bold. Hat’s off Mr. Shah for a tremendous victory. It was one man show victory against all parties alliance. look at the picture above, MNA, MPA, X MPA, leaders from alliance etc are on the stage against Mr, Shah from the last few months but all in vain. We must accept magistic personality

    I request to the admin please filter those comments that causes factor for peace and harmony in the region. These are nothing but rumours and propeganda. These are the people who try to create misunderstanding between people in chitral. shame on these people.

  3. Very unfortunate to see a very lopsided coverage of election of district Nazim by some section of the press. They are not going to digest the outcome of a democratic process and even now are fueling unsubstantiated rumors. They tried their best to outdo the coalition and create mistrust among the partner. Now when the Nazim has been elected, it is time for sanity to prevail. Let us evaluate the performance of this assembly rather than question its legitimacy with flimsy arguments. Let us make democracy strong in the district and in the country. If this lot is unable to perform, surely they are going to be kicked away in coming election. So instead of giving twist and turn to the facts, we may gracefully accept their mandate and let them work.

  4. @Alamgir Bokhari: To scan or examin Mafirat Shah and Co microscope is not enough rather they need a ruthless accountability. We appreciate NAB’s recent crackdown on the timber mafia dons. And expect both NAB and KP Ehtesab Commission to initiate a through probe against the newly elected district nazim in order to ensure across the board accountability. The JUI chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman was given the title of DIESEL for corruption of hufe scale but his henchmen in Chitral sold their conscience for the sake of two pieces of barood” or explosives as Mafirat Shah had nothing else except barood which has in a good quantity. On a serious note, the need of the hour is that defection clause should be applied on all the eight members of JUI as well as on Ghulam Mustafa of PPP who voted for JI violating the party policy.

  5. Mr. Abdul Jabbar will issue clean chit in his lab after microscopic examination. Do visit him before doing any social service or political activity.

  6. Congratulation to Haji Mughfirate Shah being elected twice District Nazim Chitral. The iron man is an expert of political stalemate, and in recent election knocked out the big gurus of potitics. Even his opponents tried to rock the political alliance of Jamate Islami and JUI. However the JUI District leadership foiled all efforts of four political parties alliance and even four Member of JUT differed from their party line of action. Besides all these efforts, the Shah was elected second District Nazim Chitral.
    Haji Mughfirate Shah started his political career as a Naib Nazim in Jughor UC and completed his tenure. In the next election, the Haji sab repeated his slot from the said UC but the Nazeemen Group of PPP contacted Jamate Islami leadership for the nomination of Haji Shah for the District Nazim Chitral and assured their unconditional support if the Haji Mughfirat Shah was nominated as consolidate for the said post. Due to the unconditional support and Jamate Islami’s good presence in house Haji sb was elected as district Nazim of Chitral. Being elected as Nazim Shah sab won the hearts of Chitralis due to his honest service rendered by him in different time of natural calamities and other welfare services. He is known for his right and timely decisions. He is an expert of political stalemate and shrewd game maker. His recent election for the Post of District Nazim is really very good omen for Chitral. However his opponents are still blaming him for his alleged involvement in the bogus case of theft of explosive and Haji sab his been honourably exonerated from the case and the case has been finally disposed of.

    • Hahah Nice Joke , Why dont you say that he won in 2006 through horse trading and changing loyalties of PPP Nazimeen , and in 2015 he managed to buy JUI and its Ameer who violated their party decision and voted for him. Now their party has suspended them.
      He never won in a democratic way. He also managed to get development funds from the Senior Minister from Dir and influeced people to vote for his Jammat.
      His becoming Nazim is not a surprise but he becoming Amir e Jamat after violating Jammat rules in 2008 general and 2013 general elections is questionable , seems Jamat has also softened its rules.

  7. With the election of Maghfirat Shah, who is yet to come clean in the explosive theft case, as district nazim, the downfall of Chitral started. How unfortunate it is to see that even religious parties do not have people with clean past to lead them. What can you expect from a man who claims to be a leader, in his very first speech, touches upon the sectarian issue which is a none issue in a bid to pressure pseudo Islmaili leaders who otherwise have nothing to do with Ismailism except flattering the clerics of their own mindset. People of Maghfirat Shah type both in Ismaili and Sunni communities are doing no service to religion but exploiting the name of religion for their own personal gains. Some of them used to sell turbines, bulbs, etc, while some a particular mafia on the other side migrated to Chitral have now become owners of petrol pumps. Their successors are still busy in plundering in name of honourary service and the poor cleric who hardly meets his ends flexing muscles to partake in Jihad anywhere in the world in his imagination of meeting vergins in heaven and in such circumstances people like Maghfirat Shah appear from nowhere to exploit them.These are black sheep within both the Sunni and Ismaili communities who use the sects as a tool.

  8. Congrats 2 Mughfirat shah for being selected as the nazim of district gov chitral. Hope u wil guide the district towards development and prosperity.