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Drug addiction becoming a major social evil in Chitral — 2 Comments

  1. The so-called examolary police of Imran Khan’s new Pakistan is reflected in the increasing use of drugs in a small district like Chitral. IK never exhausts in praising his so-called police which is goid only in books and in eyes of Imran Khan. Pervez Khattak must be smiling in his heart thinking how he succeeded in befooling Khan thru so-called police reforms. The KP Police is as corrupt as Punjsb police. Whenever a black cap is found involvec in kind of corruption, his fellow policemen could be seen pressuring people to strike a deal. The reason why drugs are frequently veing used despite being a military trained DPO shows the police force can not be reformed. Imran Khan should completely dismentle it, if possible, and hand over the policing to the other paramiitary forces as police is a shame for our country.

  2. Wonderful story, I must say. But you know the author has kept his hands off a bit. Bahot zada hath hola rakha he in charsoyon pe. I would love to name some so called popular “water” drinkers and charsis. To be more precise many known ppl are very fond of “ugh” – the thing which is called “thara”. And interestingly majority of these “ugh piyak” are street politicians – a handful of them have unluckily managed to reach the assemblies due to lack of political awareness. The teachers – there are some quite prominent teachers who are well known tharayi and known charsi. The poets and the singers – thara is used like Pepsi in the “chindorya ishtok” of likeminded ppl who, as the author has rightly said, “arrange sittings in their houses turn by turn and arrange drinks especially in winter”. Videos of these people are available on youtube where they could be seen singing and dancing fully drunk. And yes majority of police walas are “liquor addict”. I would rather suggest the DPO to order a dop test of all his SHOs and I guarantee you will find most of them either “charsi and liquor addict”. The reason why the police is unable to launch a crackdown on drug peddlers is because they themselves are “charsi”. They are the charas providers. I would love to name all the known charsis and tharayis if you, Mr editor, could allow me..believe me it will be a great service to Chitralis as these charsis are main reason majority of the people have become drug addicts in the districts.