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Democracy or kleptocracy? — 2 Comments

  1. In Pakistan establishment thirst for power and resources is the biggest impediment on the way of democracy and stability. If we compare Pakistan and Bangladesh, after 1971 than Bangladesh is ahead of Pakistan in all sector development. Before 1971 our establishment blamed Bengali’s as traitor, incompetent etc. But history falsified that blame and after separation Bengali’s asserted themselves as stable, progressive and comparatively better nation than Pakistan. The same blame which our establishment leveled against Bengalise before 1971 debacle, are now leveled against political leaders of Pakistan. If one intensively study present make and break activities of political parties and forcible defection of PML (N) Members and blatant manipulation of system through coercion and creating malicious propaganda against political leaders through paid private channels and paid people then our future seems extremely bleak. The apathy is that our courts are taking side of powerful instead of law and constitution and interpreting constitution according to the sweet will of establishment and completely ignoring spirit of law and justice. In nutshell our future is very bleak and we are moving towards doomsday scenario. All the stakeholders are protecting their personals interests and Pakistan interest or national interests are fully compromised. the only way forward is acting upon constitution of Pakistan with letter and spirit.