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Declaration of assets: how rich are candidates for NA-1? — 8 Comments

  1. Asset declaration of PTI and ANP candidates is missing. Also please publish complete details of all KP1 candidates.Thanks for the information

  2. Thanks emad sb for nice comments. I wonder there is anyone who can initiate probe against saleem khan, how he become multi millionaire from a shopkeeper. Instead of asking for vote he should go to jail and pay the wealth back which he has stolen. We have to wake up and get rid of these corrupt politicians.they are thief and deserve punishment. Thanks to all respected readers. I love my lovely chitral/chitralis. Allah Hafeez..

  3. These are the richy-rich so-called beloved leaders of the poorly poor Chitralis. To be honest, this is just a peanut what they declared here. They have much more which they had not disclosed. A man who could not afford a two time meal till yesterday has now emerged having billions of rupees assets. Even then if Chitralis think these morally, politically corrupt henchmen of their bosses can change your destiny, you must vote for them. Or else, make a plea: all the corrupt mafia should be taken to task on July 25.
    To substantiate what I have said above, let me share following lines from the masterpiece written by my all time favourit Shaheen Sehbai.
    “The last few hectic days have confirmed one undeniable and inescapable truth about the present political system: It is broken to
    the last bone.
    The political pond is full of stinking filth with less
    water and more dead rats and skunks.
    The morally bankrupt political elite have
    shamelessly declared to the world that nothing
    matters to these leeches and blood-suckers except
    their own wealth, power, egos, arrogance and that
    of their kith and kin.
    The rest of us are all worms and creeps, who do not matter”.

  4. Bilawal house is cheaper than Salim Khan’s house and Bilawal has less wealth than Salim Khan, how this NAB and election commission is blind

  5. Salim Khan has lied he is not Sadiq and amin because the total kandujal garumchashma is not 10 acres. one acre is 8 chakwarum it means 80 chakwarum. He has small house and two pieces of land. How he built six million house in Sin lasht and golden estate in Islamabad is almost more than twenty million project and he has shown only four million. Election commission should ask how he became wealthy and MPa salary is only sixty thousand a month for multiple with 160 months.

  6. Politics is a good business.one who wins the current election, their assets will become more than triple. Pakistan’s democracy is still an elitist democracy where the role of the working class and poor masses is only confined to casting votes and participating in rallies and public gatherings to please their political mafia. A people’s democracy or rather a participatory democracy is still a distant dream for the poor community. Without fundamental and radical changes in the economic and social structure election on their own cannot bring an end to this domination. Regardless of who wins a majority any election that is based on the present social and economic system is not going to bring any substantial change in the lives of millions of peasants and the rural poor. The candidate of all political parties belong to the same class and continue to serve the same class interest of exploiting peoples. Parliamentary politics is the mere democratic continuation of the elite’s crushing domination and power.