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Chitral’s mega road projects ‘shelved’ after exit of PML-N govt — 1 Comment

  1. This seems natural and no govt in future should do any welfare project for these thankless chitralis who do not possess any political sense and vote obscurantist elements. Nawaz Sharif was in my opinion a silly man to trust chitralis and spend billions on providing electricity and completing Lowari tunnel. MNA Iftikhar has now learnt a lesson or two by selflessly working for Chitral for which he was dumped on July 25. Now moulana MNA and MPA will be seen how they get these approved projects completed. PTI govt should not approve any fund or create any new district in future in Chitral unless they get votes from these people bcoz if you do any good for Chitralis they will not return it in same way. Thankless/ihsanfaramoosh.