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Chitral’s Fouzia Bibi among 20 lawmakers facing action for selling votes — 5 Comments

  1. She will not get the respect even if she joins any other political party. Lady luck never smiles on everyone all the time like it did in Fozia’s case. She has come in media spotlight within a very short span of time. She had strengthen her career within no time. But with the allegations of selling out her votes, she lost everything. She had no no option now except except opening a veterinary center in Chitral as it is a lucrative business. Good luck Fozia.

  2. My sister Fouzia bibi you are not PPP or ANP,s member of parliament so you get money and gives some percent to them and buy some plots but it’s PTI. Imran Khan would not be wrong. Your poor mentality showed and distried your career and lossing trust on Chitral. Good advice for you is ,resigne from the party and join PPP or ANP. They will support you in future.good luck

  3. Who says Chitrali women lag behind. This woman could never have even imagined one day she would reach the assembly. Her party even made her parliamentary secretary for tourism in KP. She was in good books of Imran Khan and could have been allotted ticket in next election. But if the allegation that she sold her vote is true our Bibi not only betrayed her party for money but also brought a very bad name to Chitral.

  4. بہت مضبوط لوگوں کو بھی غربت توڑ دیتی ہے
    انا کے سب حصاروں کو ضرورت توڑ دیتی ہے

    کسی کے سامنے جب ہاتھ پھیلاتی ہے مجبوری
    تو اس مجبور کو اندر سے غیرت توڑ دیتی ہے

    ترس کھاتے ہیں جب اپنے سسک اٹھتی ہے خود داری
    ہر اک خود دار انساں کو عنایت توڑ دیتی ہے