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Chitralis vow to take revenge of Musharraf’s disqualification — 3 Comments

  1. Musharaf’s name is a trademark for me and no one can dent his position in my heart. No Musharaf no vote. This country is in the nexus of poor minds and cleric mindset where people like Mumtaz Qadri are showered with rose petals. People like Bugti are not considered criminal who made the lives of people miserable and challenged the writ of the state. What about the case of Chief Justice’s beloved son and Pakistani media specially Jang Group playing double standard game. How you can expect peace in a country where the name of a mainstream newspaper is Jang (war).

  2. Mr Khan Zada, we would rather love to know your real name and area where do you belong to? Believe it or not but Prince Iftikharuddin has emerged as another Prince Mohiuddin to rule over Chitral with the ouster of Gen Musharraf. Call it a good fortune or your hatred for the prince dynasty but the man is out now and a humiliating defeat of your beloved Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali of Broze at the hand of foreign qualified young politician Iftikharuddin is a done deal. Stay cool dear and chill.

  3. We want to know all these anonymous lovers of Musharaf. Nobody in Chitral celebrates Musharaf’s ouster even Maulana they only enjoy the situation with Mohiuddin Dynasty… We all love Musharaf but it does not mean that we must get bitten by the Scorpion Kings.