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Chitralis hail court ruling on Musharraf’s plea — 1 Comment

  1. The democratic lovers never favoured ,support and prefer the way of government used up by dictator Musharaff not only in my beloved Chitral but also in the whole country,Pakistan. The recent elections in seven polling stations in CHITRAL are a historical proof and a big slap on the faces of those people who did not yet understand the dissimilarity between dictatorship and democracy. How we pulled and throw out the fake and corrupt representative of a fake (APML)party forever and the people of my beloved village BOONI,CHARUN OWEER,MUSTUJ and others showed their total support and favoured toward a brave, honest and enthusiastic leader Mr Sardar Hussain of booni and PAKISTAN PEOPLE’S PARTY. We are not just talking on media but we are alive from 1967 and the history of Pakistan is witnessed that we are continuously sacrificing for the sake of our beloved country Pakistan. we had never bow down in the front of a Military dictator but we preferred the illegal and by force execution and court murder for the people of PAKISTAN AND THE SYSTEM THAT CALLED DEMORACY. We are not similar of a dictator and coward that he escorted self hostage in a military hospital for three months and trying his best to run away from the country with ridiculous reasons. I am very sorry to say to the poor chitrali store man for wasting his METHIES for a dictator it was better for him to give sidqa instead of celebrating a dictator’s temporary bill out from the court.