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Chitral varsity PD grilled for kidnapping claim — 16 Comments

  1. Those of us who know Dr. Bukhari well, are not surprised or shocked to hear this absurd story of kidnapping. It could be a possibility that he may have been picked by LEAs for debriefing! but Taliban. This is not an important issue to talk so much about because Dr. Bukhari has had a tendency of sharing innocent lies or fabricated facts in the past which did not/do not harm anyone. You can find many people with similar tendencies, so please spare him out this time because these letters may not change an inherent behavior. We should be cautious about his character assassination because whatever his personal behavior may seem to be, professionally he is a dedicated man-I can vouch for that knowing him closely so as many others who have spent time with him. To human is err and we all make mistakes, linking this incident directly to his ability/inability to run the affairs of University of Chitral as PD; is premature.

  2. Allah omnipotent will know well what’s behind the screen .
    But as per my knowledge Badsha Muneer is a competent and Devoted officer.
    He had a lot of achievements in a short Spain of time.

  3. The gentleman should clarify his position, otherwise it will be assumed that accusations against him are true. Also, persons being appointed to responsible positions should be subjected to psychological tests to filter behavioral and personality discrepancies.

  4. It is very hard to believe that PD Chitral University will lie to police and public in such a way it has been reported. He is a very competent person and knows far better than ranker officers of Police, how to respond to an investigator’s questions.

  5. I severely condemn those people who are trying to defame the worthy PD of university of Chitral which has been the dream of Chitrali nation for a long time. Badshah Muneer is a person of highly refined character and does not need any kind of certificate especially from such shameless people. Every person who has been in Peshawar University is very well aware of Badsha Muneer.and his services for Chitrali Nation. I have been working in Peshawar University as as lecturer and know very well how capable Badsha Muneer is.And also know better those who are talking nonsense just to destroy merit in Chitral University.
    If Badshah Muneer were fond of protocol he had it in Peshawar University and would never reject offers from American Universities. I know who are behind this malicious campaign.surely these are the people who could not make their way to the university of Chitral because they could not reach the merit.These are the real enemies of the nation and don,t want the university to flourish. I request the nation to recognize their enemies and assure them that the university is in the strong and trustworthy hands of the worthy and honest PD Prof. Dr. Badshah Muneer Bukhari.

    • Dear Zia ul Haq sb agree with u. These negetive mind people even dont have original ids. All these comments published throug incorrect fake name and ids
      Very well done Sir

  6. PD sb Dr. Badshah Munir Bukhari is one of the great son of Chitral. We being Chitrali must proud of him. All Universities in Pakistan and abroad knows him just because his ability he has kept the flag up.
    Those who comments above are 90% fake ids. Its not good. The great son Dr. Bukhari always preferred merit and on the basis of merit he has appointed very high profile qualified persons in his team. Dr. Badshah Munir Bukhari Zindabad, Chitral University Zindabad.

  7. PD is not fit for this high level responsible job, he must be transferred without further delay. PD also failed to get University recognized from HEC and still University is not chartered. This man should be replaced with any other responsible, competent and honest person.

  8. Such an irresponsible behavior from PD of a Unvivesity.He must be punished for endangering the peace of Chitral. He should be removed from the august post of PD.He is attention seeker protocol conscious he must be replaced. The Higher Education Department should take notice of the incident.

  9. How could he (Badshah munir) run a university,if he is lying in such a childish way. The concerned authorities should probe the matter and make the real story public. PD sab has been controvercial since his appointment. Specially the recruitment system was not fair according to the applicants.

  10. those who are against honourable pd they are using social media as a weapon against pd but God says I am giving honour and dishonor so dnt worry without knowing the real fact dnt put mud upon other pd is extremely talented and fair person and those who take the profit from opportunity they will be question by God if some people very dislike pd but on the other side millions like him and consider him an ideal

  11. It is a shame that a person in such a responsible position has proved himself a liar beside jeopardizing the peaceful atmosphere of Chitral. By faking Daesh threat he has caused imposition of unnecessary security restrictions in the area causing avoidable inconvenience to the people. He should be duly punished.

  12. Not only grilled but also detained for hours. Had to apologize to the cops for misleading the law enforcing agencies in his lust for protocol in a peaceful area like Chitral where exists no Daesh, Taliban etc. The crux of the drama staged by the protocol thirsty PD was just to IMPRESS poor Chitralis that how big a man is he. The police should not have let him go as he had created a panic not only within the university but also in the area that the institution might have faced any security threat. The deputy commissioner should reopen the case and put such an irresponsible PD behind bars. His transfer is a MUST from the varsity. It is disgusting to note that the head of an organization is acting in such an irresponsible manner. In presence of such an irresponsible PD, I don’t think the newly established university can be turned into an institution.

  13. this man should be sent to jail for lying and does not deserve to be the PD of the Chitral university.