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Chitral roads not worthy of travel even on mules’ back: CJP — 4 Comments

  1. Nation can not be developed by construction of roads, it is education which develop nation. Chief Justice should understand this phylosophy

  2. We chitrali people of habitual of looking to others, especially individuals, to resolve all our issues instead of working to snatch our rights as independent nation. Why we do not have any leader who can forcefully take up our issues with government and why don’t we raise our voice to get our rights. No individual can resolve your issues, neither any chief of supreme court, high court or even army. Know your rights and raise your voice to get them as a nation, unity is needed and for that shun your petty differences on the basis of your faith, colour and area.

  3. اے برار اسپہ نستو ایم این اے صائب ہے روڈان موٹروے ارتام رے پونج سال بغائی ہیہ کیا لوو دویان؟؟

  4. Really impressive speech, but what steps he is going to take to rehabilitate the roads of Chitral. Will he be able to release the funds of Chitral Garam Chashma road, Chitral Bumburat Road, CHitral mustuj road which are already in pipeline? I think the Chief Justice saheb need to take legal action to further the development work in Chitral.