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Will Chitralis elect outsider for the love of Musharraf? — 6 Comments

  1. Mr. Guljee’s comment and his verdict does not reflect a balanced mind and he should ask himself that what authority he has to declare on media APML NOT a political party when the party is registered as a political party in Pakistan – my humble suggestion is that “ham sub utni hi bath karen jitni hamri awqat hai.”

  2. Mr.Gul Jee sb, for your kind information people of chitral still love Musharaf and his party except 2,3 ehsan faramosh persons like you.w what ever he is, dictator or criminal, i think he is much better than your PPP leader Zordari and Nawaz sharif, i think your not real chitrali otherwise you never forget Mohsin-e- chitral service what ever he did for chitral. how you forgot pre-lowari tunnel life in chitral,but its true that you are not chitrali your canadian, thats why your blood.
    2nd thing that you are saying that there is political parties in chitral and people of chitral vote for the political parties, show me where is political party? are you talking about Dako Zordari party or Ganja chor Nawaz sharif party? your favorite party PPP already hijacked by the powerful business man Haji Ghulam Mohd and Ganja party hijacked by advc Abudul wali khan. they both never vote for these two parties in there life, they always talked against these two parties, but now they both are candidates for PK-1.because both are wealthy and powerfull personalities in the area.thats the merit or selection criteria of your political party parties in chitral. I remembered that many times you wrote against Haji Ghulam mohd when he was in APML party, but now you are going to vote for him.so please in future when you open your mouth against Pervez Musharaf atleast think 100 times before writing some thing on E-paper.if you love Zordari dako or ganja chor than there is alot of chitrali brothers and sisters they love Musharaf and they will do any thing for Mohsin e chitral. So sorry if i hurt somebody.(Ayeza Kashi Islamabad)

    • Jam khot ho ma ispusar Gul Jee o sum kya lakhitao kino. Hami roi Candayi b tan gslo roksi asuni…Canada moshot kta pata ki Musharraf kya korisur Chitraloten. Gul Jee jaise logon k liye bus sirf “Bhutto zinda he”. Mat sarera Zardari he mosho Canada e wesheru boi werna hes ghechan band kori siree shoshp lochiro ghon no lachur.

  3. APML is a political party nor Mr dictator Musharraf a political leader.he is wanted criminel absconder and a coward yes man.we urage and request thé people of Chitral never caste their valable votes in thé favour of and representatives of dictator or and wazir or any Amjid. Use your vote in favour of any political party of your chose.

  4. Musharraf’s repeated failure to return to Pakistan has made his political party irrelevant. He should dissolve the party now.

  5. The gentleman should be sensible enough to not venture into this sort of adventurism, let he will be thoroughly disappointed