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Action must be taken against hacking of Facebook group — 2 Comments

  1. brar kia topic ki haya bo easy joshy post kori asus ma yaqeen sher hes hash no boi. facebook security kafi strict. ma lo diko maqsad ei greyhat ka hack koriko no boi wa professional nafri hack koi no. albata he groupo ziad admin biko wajhen kia masla biro boi na ki direct attack wajhen down biro boi.

    • Yes I agree with Zubair, and surprised how a group in facebook can be hacked and cannot be recovered. It is not like a website. And yes I have seen too many admins of groups on facebook. This is not safe. And there is I think no law under which any authority can come and help you to recover your group or punish the so called hacker. It seems to be the negligence and unprofessionalism of the group admin.