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Burma crisis and our solidarity — 7 Comments

  1. Good work. But main points copied from articles like of Aasim Haider “Muslim Solidarity” published in Dawn, and some other papers.

    • Not at all, only the worlds ‘Muslim solidarity’ match. This is developed after reading some 50 pages long materials accumilated from carious authentic sources besides few news reports I watched.I get plagarism report for every draft I develop.
      A writer may take inspiration from.others but cannot steal othera work.

  2. If we muslims come to know which sect the Rohingyas belong, half of us will withdraw our support for them. There is nothing like muslim solidarity. It is all “tu bhee kafir, may bhi kafir, phoolon ki khushboo bhi kafir” scene with muslims.

  3. First of all Muslims should accept eachother and than think about others. Around the world it is power game. We have thousands of examples infront of us. We all know but close our eyes . May Allah bring peace and prosperity. Amin

  4. Dear realistic observation. Our approach has always been based on self interest and we have always exploited religious sentiments of the people for our own interest. this has always been the practice of successive govts and politicians especially those trying to grab power using the name of Islam.
    When the people of Yemen are bombed and their children killed by Arab jets, we see no one raising a voice. You rightly pointed out that human rights violations should not be restricted to sect, religion, ethnicity or regions. Rights violations anywhere in the world should be condemned to save humanity from annihilation and make the planet earth a place of peace and harmony.