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Believe in yourself and continue hard work — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Sajida Raza, A lot of congratulations for the best performance. You have become an icon of hard work and commitment for the students by qualifying entry tests both for AKU and KMC, we are proud of you. I still remember the love and care of your beloved dad Raza lal for your quality education. He used to travel alongside School bus during the winter season from Booni Bazar to down the corner of the bridge equipped with tools hanging on his shoulder for removing snow from the road, so that your bus could ply without hindrance to or from Booni.To me he could be the model father, as he perceived your brilliant future among the balls of snow since then. Bravo Sajida and Raza Laal, MashaALLAH

  2. yes indeed she is the best and hard working student proud of u sajida keep it up…God bless u and help u in every path of life