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Army hands over checkposts in Lower & Upper Dir to police — 3 Comments

  1. Security should be managed by good and efficient intelligence. Physically stopping every vehicle and checking is not done any where in the world except maybe in Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan war arenas. Only suspected vehicles should be stopped, rest should be allowed to carry on. Security personnel should be stopped from interviewing passengers unnecessarily. It is unnecessary and annoying. A criminal will not give his correct information any way. We must revert to civilised travelling now.

  2. The check posts should be handed over to civilians. These were the points where the already weary passengers were subjected to severe torture and mental agony and never there was any militant or terrorist caught at these. There were special lanes for VIPs and military themselves while for poor passengers as those belonging to far off areas of Chitral there was only wait and CNIC verification, taking away medicines and perfumes and other belonging in the name of checking. On these check posts, unless there is specific intelligence, no one should be stopped. In Punjab there is no concept of such checking etc. & if you do this, the public ll lynch you within one day.

  3. Thanks God. Hope there is some respite for the common people from undue and overdone nuisance in the name of security.