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Appointments in Chitral varsity challenged, admin summoned on 20th — 4 Comments

  1. As per Higher Education Commission, minimum criteria for appointment of lecturer is M.Sc. or BS i.e. 16 years of education and not 18 years of education. This can easily be verified by visiting HEC website and downloading faculty appointment criteria.

  2. Good move by Fazle Raqeeb. He has been deprived of his due right in gross violation of HEC rules. Despite over two years of teaching experience at University level and having M.Phil and PhD at last stage,he has been sidelined by Bukhari sahib for the sake of his blue eyed boys. Mr.Bukhari should bear it in mind that his days at the campus seem to be numbered as the court is likely to revoke his appointment soon.

  3. I think it is batter for Bukhari to vacate the position, before the court order. Otherwise, he is going to lose the case for sure, as Ismail wali is senior and much more talented candidate for the said position, and his win in the court is for sure ..