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Musharraf’s APML opens its office in Booni — 4 Comments

  1. My question to all political leaders of Chitral belonging to PPP, PML-N, APML, JI, JUI and others: You had held several meetings and so called all parties conferences and announced to boycott the election 2018 if one seat of assembly was abolished in Chitral. But after you could not win the case and one seat was abolished you ran away with your tails between your legs. Do you have any guts, and moral obligation and honor, why you made such an announcement if you had no guts. You should feel ashamed of your promise when you are going to take part in the elections now.

  2. Doesn’t matter what had he done, but Chitral will remember his name for ever.he has done a great job for Chitralis and Chitral. Doesn’t matter some opportunists don’t like him and even these people don’t know and blind and deaf of democratic process and democracy. Some people think Bhutto’s,Zardari’s,Sharif’s,Khan ,chodries ,Royal will bring democracy, sorry to say for these types of people danda; system is good.These people want to keep fuedal system where your thoughts and decision not belong to you. . Musharaf and Pak Army zinda bad

  3. A sensible person like Sultan Wazir should not be wasting his time with a gone case. Musharraf wasted Pakistan’s nine golden years. Showed lack of principles when he announced boycotting elections all over Pakistan but allowed his Chitral candidate to contest as this was the only constituency he expected to win. Showed lack of scruples by double gaming both the US and the Talibans. Amassed personal wealth as President cum Army chief by compromising on our foreign policy and stashed the money in Dubai and London where he is enjoying now. What is so inspiring about this spent bullet other than that he initiated Lowari tunnel. Is this one feature enough to wash away all his other negative features. Shouldn’t we be more rational and more balanced.