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An open letter to UoC — 4 Comments

  1. Complaints and reservations from so many candidates about the selection process show something has definitely gone wrong. My advice to all the aggrieved parties would be ,hire a competent lawyer well versed with the selection rules and file a petition with the court to declare the entire process null and void and conduct the same process in a fair and transparent manner.

  2. This is absolutely true that in one department for two vacancies there were 65 shortlisted candidates and in another department, there wee 56. This is purely”management problem” and NOT a discrepancy. We Chitralis don’t closely observe reality, do not follow due procedures but complain as if the whole world has gathered to victimize us! Did you request for award sheet? Anyone who did was properly guided and shown the weightage and the given marks for everything e.g. qualifications, experience, research papers,interview, demo etc. As per rules, you can still request the university for the evaluation sheet.
    And yes, there were management issues in handling the candidates but it’s a new university at its infancy stage. Let’s hope things get better in the future.
    I’m Yasir Hayat Chitrali and I was candidate but not selected. I can be reached at yasir.hayat@gmail.com I reside in Peshawar

  3. Dear candidates, instead of writing letters in local media you must challenge these demerit appointments in the court of law. Although our judicial system is lackluster but we have no other option. We have to stand up against injustices and lawyers dealing human rights cases must also take up this case for the sake of oppressed candidates and for the sack of Pakistan.

  4. Under 16 scale apointees were totally on relative base. A person of in merit 1 was left in interview and selected merit 9 person for that post. University of chitral managment commitee fail while selection in 16 scale post.