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An open letter to district nazim — 2 Comments

  1. Mr. Gul Jee, what is the role of Mr. Rehmat Ghazi here. What he has done, kindly further elaborate this point.

  2. Huwe Bemar Jinke Sabab
    Using Attar ke Londe Se Dawa Lete Hen

    Euphemism at its best GulJee wah. You are talking against ethnicity but its ethnic bias which is forcing you to praise a person who is accused of being corrupt and also introduced ethnic politics in Chitral in form of Sardar AC in 2008. Gul Jee while praising this person who won by trading horses and making people go against their party decision, there is nothing on ground which could prove your words. Please ask him to allow establishment of AKU PDC at its land in Jughore near his house which has been made ground since past 10 years because of these people’s hypocracy.