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A visionary leader — 5 Comments

  1. Mr. Iftikhar uddin is not merely a political leader, in fact he’s a true statesman. He poses utmost capabilities of leadership with high moral and ethical values. At present we can’t see a single political leader from Chitral (in its true essence) who could cope with honorable Iftikhar Uddin in his political wisdom and strategic thinking abilities for the people of Chitral. What he did in the last five years for the people of Chitral is self explanatory. One needs to see the larger picture here. A nice write up based on factual occurrences.

  2. I tend to disagree with you because Iftikhar managed to become MNA through sheer luck as he was covering candidate for Gen Musharraf. And then he cashed in on the situation and ditched his own party boss. This very online newspaper broke the story in which he claimed the votes bagged were not due to Gen Musharraf. He then denied the story, and then few years later he accepted that he betrayed Musharraf.

    To cut the long story short, Iftikhar had no extraordinary thing in his credit. He is now out in the name of so-called service for chitral which is not going to help in begging the votes in next elections. Let us see how many votes he gets in this election as he is set to jump into fray through the platform of PML-N – a party which is set to be wiped out. And yes, the time is rife the people of chitral must take revenge from the MNA for betraying with their Muhsin – Musharraf – in next elections. If Nawaz Sharif had been so sincere he could have opened the tunnel for you long long ago. Do not forget the way he ridiculed at Chitral polo ground by announcing a few crore rupees.

  3. In the last elections Shahzada Iftikhar returned as a solo MNA from the APL platform. I wondered how he could be able to survive in the face of bitter opposition from the party in power (PML-N). In KPK a coalition of PTI and JI formed the provincial government. There seemed to be no way out for him to do any service for his electorate. In such a situation he was doomed to collapse all at once. His only hope was to use his personal links and family affiliations to get closer to the powers that be. He made the best use of his talent and did not spare a single movement in his command that could be used for the service of Chitral. The work that he was able to do is simply monumental given the situation that he was in. This must be appreciated by my brothers across Chitral. Don’t cast your vote in his favour as it is your right to decide but appreciate the reality. I cast my provincial vote in favour of PTI candidate the last time out of my curiosity to see the change. I did cast my vote in favour of Pervez Musharaf for NA seat, I am happy my vote did not go waste.

    • Sir, visionary leader gets votes on his own vision. Iftikhar is an opportunist as he added with Musharraf when he knew people of Chitral would vote for him for lowari tunnel. But when Musharraf was in trouble he sided with Nawaz and tried to join pmln. This was confirmed by Nawaz Sharif himself. Now when mush is politically gone he tries to cash funds given by pmln govt for Chitral projects. You your self say that you voted for Mush. Now who you will vote again. If you vote mush again I can salute your stance but you you go for NS I can’t see any vision here.

  4. Wah Shaheenullah wah…impressed of your political affiliation or you being apolitical. Keep up the bad work.