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A tribute to our much adored alma mater – AKU-IED — 4 Comments

  1. Great work done Dr. Tajik. There are valuable contributios from Aga Khan Development throughout the world particularly in rempte areas of Nothern Areas and Chitral in health, educatiin, social sector, electricity and infrastructure etc. These are blessings for the communities where government sector unable to fulfill their basic needs as state role amd resposibities defined in the constitution. Role of AKDN is tremendous and can not be ignored from creation of Pakistan to date

  2. Thank you Dr. Mir Afzal Tajik for a beautiful portrayal of the role of this great humanitarian Institution, the like of which one can hardly find in the developing countries. We are grateful to the Chancellor for this kind gift. God bless all of you who have contributed to bring it to such a delicious fruition.

  3. Excellent tribute by the renown educationist Dr. Mir Afzal Tajik, my great teacher, to the institutes’ contribution to quality education in the country and abroad. Stay blessed sir.

  4. A valid tribute at the right time. I am sure that AKU-IED is also proud of your contributions and achievements.