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A SOS call from Arkari valley — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you so much Gul Hamad Sahib.
    For your good feeling about this effected and Very backward area. pls Contact me on following Numbers we will dicuss about this.
    Recently I am in Dubai
    Inshah Allah Next Month will b Islamabad. Apprecated and Regards

  2. I have requested different Nazimeen,councilors even call to MPA Saleem Khan to provide me transport where road open after that I am ready to travel by feet if some body help me by taking my cameras with me because that are heavy if any body read my this message please call me and facilitate me to visit this valley for documentaries for different TV channels, Newspaper even in international media. my contact No is 03205989602, 03025989602, 03469002167

  3. So sad to hear about the sudden death of the child. My heartiest sympathies are with the child family. it is the responsibility of the govt to facilitate their people in such hard time. MNA/MPA need to take immediate action to open the roads.

  4. Thank you so much Fardad sahib and Asif sahib
    For your great feelings for Arkari.
    Appreciated. Regards

  5. Sad to hear about the sadden demise of the Child. My heartiest sympathies are with the people of Arkari. Today I was really surprised to read the news piece about Arkari and the voice of Arkari. I am happy that you have started raising your voice for your basic needs. I will request to remain determined and firm in every walk of life and to raise your voices for justice.

  6. Absolutely right and the nation of arkari are requesting for the attention of MANA/MPA and the local authorities…..