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A question which made me perplexed — 8 Comments

  1. Such social issues must be dealt with care and concern 🙂 You are so true to up bring an anti humanistic approach out from the priceless values of our alluring Chitral.

  2. What a nice reflection on what actually happens in our society especially among simple rural inmates

  3. Superb write up. well done shabana you have taken up the right cause,… we used to face the same experiences… but, sorry to say, your heart touching article is like casting pearls before the swines.. we are SHAREEF by nature and CHITRALIANO KHA KHALAN DAI is enough for us to keep ourselves happy… we don’t know what the real world is or we are criminally ignoring despite knowing all these things…. Hail CHITRALI SHARAFAT…

  4. Superb both in contents and expression. True reflection of a social issue of high magnitude, inviting attention of all the relevant segments of Chitrali society for adopting a coherent approach in eradicating this menace where ever it exists.

  5. Good article. Poverty,uncontrolled and unchannelized population growth, along with restriction on women to participate in living earning activities, leaves the only option of getting rid of the ‘burden’ called daughter in poor families, thus compromising on proper matches and compatibility. Education of girls and their effective guidance and channelization can alleviate this problem to quite an extent.