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Pakistan should be a secular country — 2 Comments

  1. The fundamental thing needed to be availed here is Justice and we severely need it.
    As for secularists, Pakistan was the central part of Muslim India that spread from Kabul to Bengal up to 1700s. Kabul made buffer zone and India occupied by British. Because of Hindu Muslim difference, Muslims demanded a separate homeland to lead lives according to Shari’a. Pakistan came into being with great sacrifice of life and property but the Shari’a the ultimate Islamic justified regulation was never promulgated. By then İslami Jamhuria is there with English Colonial Regulation of 1858 still running that is loose to the powerful and most strict to the poor Moreover, English is our national Language. Because of this we did not make progress and our judicial system fails to provide justice. Many people worry about İslamic Regulation thinking it to be rule of Mullahs, no, in proper Shari’a they will be as commoner as anyone. It also makes the ruler more bound than subjects.
    Many westernized youth think secularism as a freedom of religion and opinion only but actually making all bounds unleashed in secularism will create social evils. One will have no authority over his women as the west is suffering where a woman is not a respectable and safe soul. Almost entry of 40 children born are made with mother’s name only.

  2. I agree with this point of view. A secular state gives equal opportunity to all persons to practice their particular faith, while the state itself follows universal laws governing humanity.

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