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Mehtar’s ‘generosity’ brings unease to many in Chewodok — 1 Comment

  1. His Highness The present Mehtar is a generous and kind man. Being educated abroad and upright by nature he has not muchly experienced clever Aryan manners of Chitral. He holds the traditional and dignified post of his ancestors and being so must remain fully cautious of his position. Any unpleasant event may harm his status. Two points of concern are there in this matter.
    1…. If a jobless man who works as a labour on daily wages and who is never concerned with social dealing is appointed as volunteer committee member to measure plots of the villagers, then what would be his attitude and how will he make his own living is obvious.
    2…. A Boss who remains in privacy by temper in study and writing whether be in Islamabad, Chitral or foreign relying on the information of his most trusted men only; then how come he remain properly updated with truth or make command properly?

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