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All parties to devise strategy against Pervez Lal’s arrest today — 6 Comments

  1. PTI supporters strongly believe in the rule of law and that’s why we are condemning the administration approach in pervez case and it’s a humble request to all parties representatives, please don’t mislead the people by point scoring because all the previously elected parties have nothing to say…people know everything what you have done to this country and the prevailing political culture and politicizing institutions is one of your gift to the people.
    we will raise voice for any misuse of power and Imran khan whole struggle is for JUSTICE and rule of law. i beg all the PTI supporters to come forward against the administration and do not allow them to spoil the long struggle of IK.

  2. …the real issue is NOT rounding up a local leader. The issue is that the chief minister especially the chief secretary was not happy with what the DC did during their visit to Reshun. They were told how the admin kept the people away at gun point. So heads are set to roll as both the DC and his flamboyant ADC will be out shortly and may likely get posting at Civil Secretariat Peshawar as senior section officers for transportation against their own pay scale and salary for mismanaging things at the newly created of upper Chitral district.

    I am sure rather dead sure, the duo must have heard of their unceremonious departure from the district and this is the reason they are venting their anger on the poor guy, who most probably must have been enjoying his days underground to avoid the arrest.

    Anyhow, I am glad at least the people of upper Chitral raised voice for their rights. If the officials in question managed to stay which is quite unlikely, the people should take to the streets as these baboos should not be allowed to harass people after getting posting in backward areas like Chitral. The officials must keep this in mind that people of the area are not as backward as you think as they are well educated. So any attempt to suppress the masses through these flawed 3 MPOs etc, will NOT be allowed. This should be clear to all the baboos in the area.

    • …something I just forgot to mention here is that I would like to tell all the readers – whether young, elderly, boys, girls, men, women and students – of ChitralToday to lodge complaints against the DC and his ADC who is a local, but completely ignorant of the local traditions and manners – at Pakistan Citizen Portal.

      Spring into action. And immediately log onto your laptops, androids phones and lodge complain against the DC and his ADC as much as you can as this is the only way out to rein these baboos in. If a baboo can misuse the law of the land, why cannot we exercise our rights as honorable and educated citizens of the countr?? Write a complaint to the chief minister and the chief secretary and then these “RANKER baboos” will get to know how law takes its course. Go for it guys, as this now or never.

  3. Iam preety sure ,this conspiracy was a thought of the local PTI leadership. But it will over soon and parvez lal will be among the people soon.

  4. A zhan lakore Laal hash biti leader boy. Khali leader bin no boy. Laal kia joshavoshtai. Horo software teekh koriko zarurat oshoi.

  5. We youth stands against misuse of powers in the District .Our genuine voices can’t be pressed and the charges must be dropped immediately.

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