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Expressway project: agitation planned in Dir, Bajaur and Chitral — 1 Comment

  1. The peaceful protest and rising their rightful demands with in different forms is the only solution against the barbaric decision of PTI’S NAAHIL government.Chichdara – Chitral Expressway indeed is a CPEC project approved by then PM Nawaz Sharif and his government and PTI Chairman and the racist CM of KPK Mehmood Khan is diverted this vary important funds toward his native town Sawat.Dir, Chitral and other effected areas people must come togather regardless of their political affiliations put it their voices together and press their demands until this cruel decision not take back.IK’s PTI playing vary negative politics toward the prosperity of the people of areas of farflong and backward. PTI’S federal ‘s government also creates a huge hatred issue making Shandur controversial showing GB side in mape . Shandur is an ancestral property of Upper Chitral and all documents and witnesses are available from the time of before Partition( i mean British rules) so its vary rare also surprising and their is no logic of this stupid conflict created by IK and CO.We understand this from the bottom,cause in GB there is elections going on and PTI Chairman wants to win this election through illegal way and with kickbacks of Shandur to GB.we also request the GB brothers and sisters and all school of thoughts please don’t care and listen this guy as we have centuries longer brotherly relations between Chitral and GB and we are culturally ,socially and religiously vary closed ties with each other.but unfortunately PTI’S government playing a vary dengserios game in this regard.

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