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FIR of Chitral hotel balcony collapse incident registered — 2 Comments

  1. Chitral is an area of frequent earthquake. In Tajikistan people are directed not to make more stories of the same reason, either some alternative measure is needed for bearing severe shocks. We Chitralis are casual about everything. To cracks we apply plasters and just leave off. After 2015 earthquake, most buildings were cracked while some crumbled. When people used to visit such a building we used to warn them that they may do it in own risk. The main idea is that in Chitral you may not see a concrete building without at least a single sign of crack. If sixteen people were leaning against a small balcony wall certainly beside their own stupidity they also needed awareness of this fact. Visiting people should be warned for not to make unusual disturbances in hanging bridges, balconies and high verandahs and try to get to open area in earthquakes.
    In Naran, a whole university class fell into river for having a combined selfie on a waving bridge of wood plank and rope. Recently, a boy fell into river for a foto shot. Against whom to file complaint, a common man should at least have a common sense.

  2. What will get out of the FIR when the fault was theirs. This is not going to serve any purpose when tourists do not take care of themselves. Why so many people stood on that balcony of hotel and was it necessary to take selfie with so many people?

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