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High literacy rate and rising suicide cases in Chitral — 2 Comments

  1. If I analyze your article and give my opinion then I would say that the lack of education is not the basic cause for sucide. Suicides are also common in educated people.
    In my thoughts it would be better to made easy socail life to prevent or reduce the suicide rate. Now how we will make an easy socail life?? For this, the most important step is that ( you have also mentioned it) to arrange seminars but not only about suicides but also the day to day life dealings, the small small problems that people face and to promote the understanding to such an extent to make able a single person to tell someone a very small pdoblem or hurdle he faces..

    • Well explained Aftab bro but i mean low standard education not education👍. The educated ones commiting suicide are soo called educated not by true means . Being a muslim we have belief as well not to commit such a sinful act.

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