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Girl’s brothers, cousin held in honour killing case — 6 Comments

  1. Nothing will happen and even if killers are punished this tribal mentality will prevail. Need is to create awareness and educate people to come to terms with modern day challenges coming from tech revolution. First of all you have to know the value of human life that is over and above everything.

  2. Good police of Upper Chitral and DPO. Make an example of these culprits and if you make a strong case the killers will be punished under the law. This will also make some sense into the head of all those supporting such heinous crimes in name of honor. Moreover, this will earn goon image for police in the eyes of the public.

  3. if police is doing all this and arresting the actual culprits it is highly appreciated bcoz this is what police in developed and civilized countries do. First gather evidence and then arrest a person. Our traditional working of the police is pick up a person and beat him all the night and then ask him to confess. this is the reason confession in police custody is not accepted in court and in most of cases even actual culprits get away with their crime.

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