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Cable car? first at least repair Chitral’s broken roads — 1 Comment

  1. Hundred percent true whatever Mohtaram Jandula khan says.CM should stop his racist behavior and mentality regarding Chitral and Chitrali culture.This project is impossible and not visible, he should spend these money the possible and vary needs projects in Chitral as khan stated.It looks like CM wants to open a political kickbacks and commission doors for hungry PTI’S Ministers and political activists NOT for the real developments of Chitral.we saw his resist mentality when he diverted Chikdara- Chitral Expressway toward Sawat, Shandur controversial between Chitral and GB and New Upper Chitral District still without staffing and building after almost seven years.we all Chitralies political parties regardless of their political affiliations should come together and raise their voices as One Chitral against these barbaric behaviors of PTI’S Government and specially Mehmood Khan CM of KPK.

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