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Why no rules to protect trees other than deodar? — 3 Comments

  1. In think there is Non Timber Forest Department in Chitral but that department is in complete slumber and totally indifferent towards the issue. NTFT are at the brink of complete disaster but neither government nor department is taking any action, at least they can control cutting of green Non timber forest in Chitral. Before the eyes of each and every person a few people are cutting green and beautiful oak trees in the forests and NTF Department Chitral is in complete hibernation. Government of KP is busy in billion trees Tsunami campaign but on the other side Non Timber forest is ruthlessly cut in the forests. If this ruthless cutting is not controlled then BTSP project itself become meaningless.

  2. People of Damer Nisar cry & appeal to DFO Chitral & DC Chitral & also to SDO & AC Drosh to strictly ban cutting of NTFT in Damelbusar gol. Sher aziz

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