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Teenage girl, young man killed for honour: police — 4 Comments

  1. If the honour is so worthy for the man, why he does not take it own. Why such a precious thing is shouldered by a woman. We women have shouldered it too much for so long, Men come forward, own it and show us how to hold it.

  2. Whether anyone registers an FIR from the side of the girl or the boy or not, it makes no difference when it is confirmed that it is a honor killing..As the DPO has confirmed it is, under new law the state is the complainant. This law has been made to rule out any possibility of a compromise or patch up between the two families in a later stage.
    But keeping the law aside, it is the duty of every sane person to expose all those who support or try to suppress or conceal such heinous crime in society. We make loud noise when some girl dances or sings and cobsider it a danger to our culture but when human blood is shed for no reason we remain silent and adopt an ostrich like attitude. Where is your bullshit culture? Should we Chitralis still continue daydreaming that we are very civilized people? This is the biggest hypocrisy what I see today no one coming forward to condemn the gruesome incident and even some people trying to hush it up.
    We are such a hypocrite and shameless lot.

  3. Unfortunate ,vary sad and strongly condemnable shameful act.This is a barbaric way of taking away two young lives without any know crime.There is no any law,any religion or any sects recognized this horrible action,specially in Islam its completely against the basic law and concept of humanity.To kill one is equal to kill whole Humanity.Our lovely Prophet Muhammad pbuh even forgive their enemies.Its a challenge test case for Mohtaram DPO Upper Chitral, Mr. Tanoli and we expect that according to the law the culprits must be arrest ASAP and justice must be fulfilled.Our heartfelt condolences and sorrows with the both families and we pray to Almighty Allah for their souls may rest in eternal peace.(Ameen).we understand its vary hard and shaking occasion for the families and the area too.we also appeal the educated and informed people of the area please don’t be scared and come forward tell the police the information if you having any this is absolutely way of Islam .Gawahi chupana gunah hy.in this way it will easy for police to reach the criminals.Allah ham sab ke madad karay .

  4. Here in Chitral town local committees were heard of working for the control of illegal affairs and with the help of admins and religious scholars couples caught were being married if they were or at least the female was unmarried. This was a nice move and would keep the atmosphere clean.
    If both are unmarried then killing them is against Islamic rules that are followable. Personal pride and honour should not be beyond Islamic values.
    The real question is that a formal criminal code of our own should be prepared. The one we follow is of the last English Colonial Rule of 1860. It is not to shout that O, honour killing has occurred; why occurred? because we have no Islamic and justifiable code on the run. If one complains that a man is sitting with a woman alone in the farm, tell me, who will do what to them?

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