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Cabinet imposed from outside not acceptable: PTI workers — 4 Comments

  1. It is sad that while PTI is in power its resources the government resources are being used by the self styled leader of Chamber of Commerce to put up an alternate political leadership. This gentleman is an agent of an ex district nazim and is also his think tank who helped him spread parochial ideas in a place known for its social harmony. It is well known that the President of Chamber of Commerce does nor have a tomatoe shop but cliams to be head of Chitral’s businesd chamber.
    Similarly, he has never worked with any community organisation undertaking community work but has become the President of Chitral’s community organisations. He did this by telling these naive bodies that he will capture the CDLD Project with the District Nazim and create a post retiremwnt post for him. But unfortunately the plan misfired at terrible cost to Malakand Division. Now the funds of CDLD which were meant for Malakand division are being shared with fifteen other districts. We in PTI should be aware of such negative minds

  2. Sikander Shazda should not and MUST not be given any responsibility within the party as enough people from his clan have already managed to get lucrative slots in Chitral. If he managed to get one, then make sure the PTI is gone. Gone down the drain in Chitral.

    Saboor is a good guy. Rehmat Ghazi is a liability. Lateef is the best choice as he has in his credit of staying with the party when Sikander and Co used to chant Pervez Musharraf zindabad at a jalsa at Atalique bazar.

    Then some of his close aides and relatives took vote in the name of Musharraf but denied unless they were left with no option but shouted full throated slogan of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif zindabad on the hilltops of Lowari at a function in presence Nawaz Sharif.

    With the conviction of Sharif the “loyalist” of the Sharif is now following in the footstep of Haji Malik Riaz of Behria Town and busy in full time thekadari. The job which best suites him.

    The reason why Sikander is becoming overconfident is because a “restaurateur” is pushing him for something where there is no chance for him to a make a career.

    And Dr Faizi, your hatred for Aabpara is not going to benefit you no matter how hard you try to press on it. So better enjoy your pensioned life instead of indulging into these things.

  3. This is an irony with all populist parties. It was very peculiar with PPP. The party leadership would encourage intra party fighting but both sides should be chanting” Benazir Zindabad”. At the end the Assembly candidature ticket would be given to whomever Benazir wanted regardless of what workers wanted. Imran Khan is following same policy. As long as there is “Imran Khan zindabad ” slogan from both warring sides, he will be happy. The party appointments/tickets are given at the whims of the leadership. Workers are only treated like prostitutes to be used and thrown aside.

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