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Afghan smuggler flees from police station — 1 Comment

  1. Can someone ask the DPO lower Chitral why police performance is going from bad to worse with each passing day? He is putting innocent and educated people like Sher Jehan Sahil on schedule IV of Anti Terrorism Act but a notorious smuggler is no more in his control.

    The DPO should have a solid answer to why his men had no capacity to round the smuggler up after he fled from their custody and ran back to Afgganistan.

    The cops must have helped the smuggler or having big bellies which could have been the reason they could not chase him.

    The Chitral police could be seen taking pride afer recovering two gram charas let me repeat only two gram charas but have no capacity to catch a professional smuggler.

    Time has come the DPO lower Chitral should be posted out as he has miserably failed to deal with some tricky issues that took place in the area.
    I would request the IG Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to hold a probe against the DPO instead of investigating the concerned Police Station officials.

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