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Sherjahan Sahil – anything but terrorist — 7 Comments

  1. Very biased analysis. It seems that these writers try to convey something different message instead of raising voice for Mr. Sher Jahan. He (Sher Jahan) must be provided fair chance to defend himself and no citizen having different opinion must be labelled as a terrorist. Our political leaders i.e MPA, MNA can come forwad and reach to the actual reason behind.

  2. Why our political leaders are silent our this high handedness? Where is Salim Khan. Salim Khan should be witness Sahil is not terrorist. But why Salim Khan is silent, why mpa Molana is silent. He was very angry to DC over Shahid afridi issue but now he is nowhere to say anything about this human right abuse.

  3. It is clear he has been framed. Youth of chitral should not be dumped by govt officials. They don’t do any work for masses and spend govt resources on their luxurious life style and upload photos to face book for publicity. These govt officials also do not want any one point out their short coming.
    Action should be taken against them for misusing their power against an educated man who is not involved in terrorist activities.

  4. ہم امید کرتے ہیں کہ متعلقہ ادارے اپنے اس فیصلے پر نظرِثانی کریں گے.

  5. He has the right to appeal and prove his innocence and can be removed from the list, if he has done nothing.

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