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Online classes a bane for students in Chitral — 2 Comments

  1. A very valid point put forward , much appreciated👍. We the undergraduate and graduate level students of Chitral are already in a hand to mouth status as our curriculum is devastated by the pandemic and also of the fact that more than 80% of students of Chitral don’t avail proper internet facility, we are already behind a semester now because of this pandemic, further loss will be observed if the Local Government, Provincial Government, HEC and PTA fail to take this matter seriously, there must be a proper plan for the upcoming students study problems and also compensation for the big educational loss taken till date, we the students degrade any scorn decisions taken upon our education, there must be a proper decision taken upon or else the university students would step up against the government’s scorn and nonserious statements.

    • We must be united to stop us been victimized by any such decisions by the academic institutions!
      If we didn’t stand up for our rights, no one will give us!

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