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Kalash community gets representation in minorities’ body — 1 Comment

  1. All services allocated for minorities must be extended to the kalash tribes without violating the rights of Muslims in all valleys. Kalash culture is beauty of Chitral. At the same time, the hidden activities being used to convert kalash must be rooted out at education and all other social and financial levels.
    At the same time, it must also be ensured that, Kalash are not exempted from brewing Alcohol at commercial level and sell it to Muslim tourists and locals visitors. They can brew only wine from grape for their own consumption. It is noticed that few Kalash in Bomborate, Birir and Rumboor are illegally involved in this criminal activity and selling alcohol to muslims, which cannot be tolerated at any cost. A judicial case by the public is prepared to submit in high court. It is expected the court will further elaborate the law regarding wine making by the kalash tribe for domestic use.
    It is also noticed that alcohol is sold to Muslim minors as well in the valleys which could bring disaster to new generation.

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