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Feelings of EOBI pensioners — 4 Comments

  1. Rs 8000 is equivalent to nothing when you are living in this challenging time. a retired govt’s employee earns more than Rs 30000 a month with the same qualification probably with less useful services rendered for the benefits of the public. this is injustice and is against the law of the country. I salute PM Imran Khan for his exemplary leadership and for his commitment to enhance the life styles of low income retirees. I hope he will bring some policy changes for transforming living conditions of the retirees.

  2. Prime Minister in one of its address had indicated to revise EOBI pension to 10000 per month. EOBI pensioners are sure that this amount shall be 10000 per month in this month of May 2020 making it effective from January 2020. Liaquat Ali

  3. Increase in pension of EOBI pensioners is very much justified. EOBI pensioners suffered not being able to get rise in pension due to crisis in the past few years. Present government is understood and seen to have been working on it positively in the best interest of pensioners. We hope that present government shall surely give rise in pensions considerably in the coming budget. Pensioners are praying for success and continuity of present government at recent increase in pensions.

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